Zotel - $40/night worldwide luxury hotel alternative

 $40/night.   Worldwide.   Trusted.

Hosts must adhere to strict five-star* quality standards below.

After all, hosts' reputation among common connections is at stake.

Highest standards of cleanliness

  • All bathrooms and shower rooms cleaned daily to ensure very high standards of cleanliness and fresh smell.

  • All bedrooms cleaned daily, and checked to ensure a very high standard of cleanliness. Rooms looking clean and smelling fresh.

  • Bed linens changed before guest's arrival, and offered to change as often as guest requires during guest's stay.

  • All flat surfaces, equipment and furniture free from dust, dirt, grease and marks.

Booking and arrival

  • Respond to private messages and requests to stay within 24 hours even if the answer is that you cannot commit to host at that time so that guests can look into other options. Please make sure emails are not going to your spam folder.

  • Upon arrival, assist guests with luggage upon request and inform guests on
    • how to access the property at all times during their stay.
    • how to access the internet.
    • how to use the laundry and kitchen.
    • how to use the TV and other entertainment devices.
    • how to get spare pillows and blankets

*Zotel cleanliness and personal service standards are comparable to five-star quality standards defined by the U.K. Automobile Association here.