Zotel - $40/night worldwide luxury hotel alternative

 $40/night.   Worldwide.   Trusted.

Our Story

We love to travel. We like to stay in quality accommodations. We like to have access to all the amenities of home during our stay, including kitchen, internet, laundry, and entertainment. However, we do not like paying exorbitant charges for kitchen suites at Hyatt or Four Seasons. We looked around at hotel alternatives but found several problems. So, we set out on a mission to solve our problem of finding quality accommodations at a fair price with the following principles in mind.

  • No strangers. We decided up front that we will not risk our and our children's safety by dealing with strangers. So, that ruled out craigslist, CouchSurfing, airbnb and Wimdu.

  • Quality. We did not want to give up on our basic quality expectations around cleanliness and personal service. So, we defined clear Quality Standards and tapped into the power of reputation among common connections to enforce it.

  • No roadside motels. We did not want to ever settle for roadside motels with unknown quality, occupied by unknown types of guests, and run by unknown managers.

  • Luxury at a fair price. When traveling with children, we wanted access to kitchen, laundry, internet and entertainment, but we did not want to pay exorbitant prices. This ruled out Hyatt, Four Seasons, and other hotels, as well as hotel alternatives airbnb and Wimdu.

  • No nickle-and-diming. We do not like paying extra for amenities or for children traveling with us. We hate it when hotels nickel-and-dime us on things that we take for granted at our homes after we are already checked in.

  • No monthly or annual fees. We do not believe in paying monthly or annual fees for basic functionality of finding accommodations for vacations. This ruled out casacasa.

  • Simplicity. When planning our travel, we would like to focus on other enjoyable things instead of figuring out where we can get the best deal for quality accommodations. So, we came up with fixed price of $40/night for quality accommodations anywhere in the world.

How it works via 6 degrees of common connections*

We will never host a stranger in our home or stay with a stranger, but we will be willing to host or stay with someone from our LodgingCircle, which consists of people we trust and those they trust and so on. Why does it work? How can you build on top of it?

  • Trusted chain of connections: It works because the chain of common connections between hosts and guests provides an immense source of trust for everyone.

  • Expanding your LodgingCircle: Everyone on Earth is on average approximately six connections away from every other person on Earth in every city. Now, the way to find trusted hosts in cities you want to visit is to have a lot of direct connections. These connections will have their own connections, who in turn will have their own connections, all of who will automatically become part of your LodgingCircle.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we would love to hear from you through our Contact link below. We really believe we have come across the final frontier in hoteling based on the above principles. We want to provide such a compelling value proposition to our customers that they love us so much that they tell all their friends and family about us.

We also like lots of Facebook Likes and Tweets :-).

*See links on how everyone is connected to everyone else in every city of the world here.